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If you’re looking for roles within the Engineering industry, look no further – we are here to help! Whether it stems from unemployment, career progression, the desire to earn more, or wanting to try something new, we can assist you in taking the next step.

So What To Do Next?

Need help going through each step? The Career Toolbox can guide you through each process, including the first day of your new position.

What Are You Looking For In Your Next Role?

We all wanted to be an Astronaut when we were younger, but now YOU need a realistic expectation of what you want for your next career move. This will ensure that we are finding the best job for you. We have helped a variety of people find their dream roles through our ever expanding network of Engineering specialist. If you are determined to find the right role, let us know how we can help.

Where Do You Want To Be Working?

To make sure you’re in the right place, start thinking what you are looking for. What engineering field would you like to be working in? We will be asking you this when you first register, but be prepared by thinking about it now.

Who Do You NOT Want To Work For?

Although it may sound harsh, what would stop you from applying to engineering roles? This a great way of thinking strategically, is there a company you wouldn’t want to return to? Or does a certain company not meet your expectations? Perhaps this will help narrow down your search for the right role.

Here To Help!

It is our mission to provide all the help we can, to find you the perfect role. Heads up; this might sway you to apply for every engineering role that vaguely fits your demands, avoid doing this. Bear in mind, we are here to help find you the Perfect Placement!

Your Next Step

Take the time to prepare your CV and keep your contact details up to date, this way your local recruitment consultant can keep in communication with you to discuss any engineering opportunities. Making sure we are finding the desired role YOU want. The ‘about’ section of our site is where you can find your local recruitment consultant. Continue onto ‘Meet Our Team’.

Check out our advice for how to Write Your CV by clicking here.

If your CV is already up to scratch and ready to go, or you're at a different point in your Job Search Journey - click on the relevant image below: