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Engineering Career Guide – Production

Job seeker advice

Working in the production industry offers a variety of rewarding opportunities.

Production engineers optimise manufacturing processes for safety and efficiency. It involves managing production teams, maintaining schedules, dealing with health, safety and environmental hazards and troubleshooting production line issues. Also the design development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all processes in the manufacture of the product.

The responsibilities when working in the production industry are; they design, build and maintain all the systems in factories, including automated and computer-controlled machines. They develop production lines and systems for all kinds of manufacturing processes, these can be anything from filling cans or bottles to packaging medicines or assembling trucks or computers. 

When you’re working in the production industry you need a few key skills such as; knowledge of the range of engineering functions and procedures, a practical and logical approach to problem-solving, interpersonal, presentation and communication skills, team working and people management skills. 

A couple more key skills are the ability to work well under pressure and take on new challenges, organisation and time management skills. 

Here at Perfect Placement UK Ltd, we offer a range of different roles such as; manufacturing operator, manufacturing associate, manufacturing technician, manufacturing supervisor, manufacturing engineer, senior manufacturing engineer, manufacturing manager and last director of manufacturing. 

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