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Engineering Career Guide - Quality Sector

Job seeker advice

Working in the Quality industry offers a variety of rewarding opportunities.

Working in the industry Quality Engineering is the discipline of engineering concerned with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and control. they provide specialised Quality Assurance and testing services for complex areas using cognitive automation and robotics, performance engineering, cloud testing, mobile testing, accessibility testing, compatibility testing and security testing.

When working in the Quality Engineering environment there are a few main responsibilities such as; define quality standards that products should meet and devise testing methods, identify and fix quality issues with the manufacturing process and products, test systems and procedures and lastly monitor the entire cycle, looking for malfunctions and productivity issues.

When working in the Quality Engineering industry you’re expected to design and implement Quality Assurance processes within a company, they’re also expected to create technical documentation and analyse existing processes. Some skills that you should have are; attention to detail, problem solving, communication skills, interpersonal skills and mathematic skills.

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