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Engineering Career Guide - HVAC and BMS

Job seeker advice

Working in the HVAC & BMS industry offers a variety of rewarding opportunities.

Working in the industry you should know that BMS stands for Building Management System whereas HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are responsible for providing desired parameters of temperature and humidity, normally HVAC systems are installed with BMS for energy efficiency. 

The responsibilities when working for an HVAC and BMS company are; interfacing with sensors and BMS for installations, servicing and maintenance, assisting in the design creation of product wiring diagrams, assembly, testing and pre-commissioning of site-ready systems. A few more extra duties require surveying sites, recording findings and writing reports. 

When working in the HVAC & BMS industry you’re expected to be good at problem-solving this is due to an HVAC technician must be able to identify a problem and fix it, also you should have good communication skills, and time management skills are important as you will be given a set amount of houses or buildings you need to visit and solve a problem as well as keeping on track with time. 

A couple more skills that are expected before applying are comfortable working with heavy objects and machinery, and also a familiarity with computers. 

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